Self-Standing Structure of 12 Stars

This model is thought of while examineing about "STAR CAGE #5" of Akio Hizume. Isomorphous star form element 12 sheets have become independent by contact of elements by being arranged based on the symmetry of regular dodecahedron.

This structure obtains a star form by connecting the middle point of a icosidodecahedron, and it is leaving the perimeter in the shape of a frame, and after each has done point contact, it is maintaining form.

"Self-Standing Structure of 12 Stars" had named by Akio Hizume. And I consider the shorter nickname of this structure.

I think that polyhedron structure is unclear for the person unfamiliar to it. However, it is seen by animation or it becomes easy to understand by operating it freely and seeing from a favorite angle.

5 Axis

12 Stars 5axis

3 Axis

12 Stars 3axis

2 Axis

12 Stars 2axis

I designed and made this model on December 18, 1999.